DS : Bright Star Catalogue

Hi, it's my first project on Nintendo DS using a modified version of the Bright Star Catalogue 5


Download .nds, .ds.gba, source

Many thanks to LunarC for his help with 3D ortho mode, updating and optimizing my code.

Thanks to new libnds example, I added a very basic touchscreen control to rotate on 2 axis, it's not very practical but it works.

And you'll see a different color for stars with different spectral type, it's not their real color.

You're welcome to help me with star texture. I need to apply a (small, around 16x16) texture with alpha to each triangle used to represent a star. For now each triangle is zero sized to display a dot.

But for next release i'll need triangles sized according to star magnitude (brightness), and colored according to their spectral type or real color.

I need your help to show a cute picture when we download or browse the binary, i think it can be done with ndstool but i didn't succeed.

It's the pleiades :

pleiades icon


Download .nds, .ds.gba, source

New release, this time i used DS 3D mode to display stars on a sphere surface, the observer is located at the center of the sphere and can rotate on 3 axis with D-pad, A and B, change the field of view with L and R, and change the number of star displayed with select and start.

Changing the field of view isn't a good solution to have a nice full hemisphere view. I'll need to translate back and cancel the closer hemisphere display.

I'm going to add stars color in the next release, and display some information on the bottom screen. I'll work on a stylus control.

I don't use PA_Lib anymore, i set up a fresh environment with libnds, read Dovoto's documentation , Doublec and NeHe's tutorials. So my code is a patchwork. Everything can be found on Patater's link page

big dipper


I cleaned the source code, feel free to modify my mess and share your source. The project is a modified tutorial project from aaronrogers.com, unzip it in you ndsdev/PA_Lib folder.


You can download BrightStarCatalog.nds and upload it to your Nintendo DS using the Wireless Multiboot.

Or you can download BrightStarCatalog.ds.gba and flash it to your cart.

If you want to see how it works download the source.

Now it's very limited, you can move with the D-pad, zoom in and out with R and L button. This sky map is flat so celestial poles are stretched, i hope to find a way to display them correctly.

This modified catalogue contain 9096 stars from magnitude -1.46 (bright displayed white) to 7.96 (faint displayed more grey).

Orion with distortion Orion with distortion.

czc : Nicolas Beuzeboc